Company Background


VPT Rad® is a certified radiation laboratory and testing services facility that was originally established as Si-REL. We are conveniently located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, less than one hour northwest of Boston. Our management team has over 85 years of combined experience involving radiation facilities operation and rad-hard testing. Our client base includes major suppliers of rad-hard components and systems, including: Analog Devices Incorporated, International Rectifier and Microsemi; as well as local biomedical companies. VPT Rad also provides turn-key support to smaller companies that may lack the experience and background necessary to qualify rad-hard components.

VPT Rad has obtained lab suitability from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to provide radiation environments used in qualifying military devices. VPT Rad is specifically approved for Conditions A, C and D of Test Method 1019 under MIL-STD-883 and MIL-STD-750. Federal military standards (MIL-STDs) establish the uniform engineering and technical requirements for components and systems supplied to the military. The standards MIL-STD-883 and MIL-STD-750 establishes the methods, and procedures for testing microelectronic devices suitable for use within military and aerospace electronic systems. Semiconductor devices and microelectronics used in aerospace applications need to function reliably in the harsh radiation environments existing in space. The reliability and quality assurance testing of space electronics is known as radiation hardness assurance (RHA).

VPT Rad also services radiation test needs for customers and programs outside of the US using test methods compliant to ESCC 22900. Our LDR TID facility can produce low dose rates from 10 to 100 mrad(Si)/s to match our customers’ mission requirements.

Defense and commercial satellite technologies are producing an increasing demand for RHA electronics. Correspondingly, there is an increasing demand for radiation test facilities capable of RHA testing.

Our primary mission is superior customer service.  With 24/7 availability, we are able to quickly and efficiently meet the demanding needs of our customers. Our extensive expertise in irradiating and testing electronics allows us to engineer custom solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Attention to detail, maintaining test data integrity, and an absolute focus on customer service are just a few of the reasons that customers choose to partner with us. Our goal is to provide our customers with a one-stop shop with DLA suitable test solutions and rigorous quality assurance programs.

VPT Rad is a division of VPT, Inc., which is part of the HEICO Electronic Technologies Group. VPT, Inc. provides DC-DC power converters, EMI filters, and custom engineering services for avionics, military, and space applications. More information can be found on