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VPT Rad Adds New Irradiator to Its Facility

irradiatorJanuary 29, 2019 – VPT Rad has added to their irradiation capabilities with the installation of a new JLSA 484 Tunnel Irradiator at their radiation laboratory. The irradiator was installed in December of 2018 and has the following capacity:

• Dose rates available from 0.01 to 15 rad(Si)/sec
• Accommodates 7”X9” Pb-AI container, or 10”X10” sample without container
• Radiation dose distribution + 5%
• Measurement uncertainty <3%

The new Tunnel Irradiator is a valuable addition to the facility and complements VPT Rad’s existing irradiation and testing assets which provide specialized environments and test solutions for evaluating electronics components used in aerospace and nuclear applications.