Radiation Services for Aerospace and Defense Applications



VPT Rad offers radiation test services for customers and programs using test methods compliant to either MIL-STD-883 or ESCC Specification 22900. Our in-house DLA certified facilities include TID irradiators for both High Dose Rate (HDR) and Low Dose Rate (LDR) testing capable of meeting our customers’ mission requirements. We also fully support Heavy Ion SEE testing and neutron irradiation testing displacement damage dose (DDD) for our customers at facilities throughout the U.S.

Radiation has a detrimental effect on the operation of some materials and components used in harsh radiation environments such as space, military applications, and nuclear power industries. In particular, radiation can affect aerospace electronics, resulting in malfunctions and failures of components and systems. The need for radiation hardness assured (RHA) components began over 50 years ago with the growth of civilian and defense aerospace industries. This need continues today. On average 100 new satellites are launched each year – representing a $50 billion  industry consisting of NASA, defense, and the commercial needs of television, radio,  telephone, GPS, imaging, weather, etc. Today’s world economy is strongly dependent on satellite data capability and all satellites need to be replaced over time. In addition to the defense market, RHA components are used in NASA and commercial satellites, and in radiation environments associated with medical and nuclear power industries.

Vendors of high reliability electronic components used in radiation environments are required to provide a series of qualifying tests. The test type can vary depending on the electronic device and its specific application.

The two essential components for qualifying RHA electronics are the component irradiation and the electronic test capacity. The irradiation is performed with a suitable commercial device by qualified operations personnel. The electronic tests require suitable electronic test equipment, a qualified program of testing, and adequately trained test personnel. The integration of these capabilities provides a highly desirable engineering test solution for qualifying RHA electronic components. Our facilities provide radiation environments for Total Ionizing Dose (TID) testing and Enhanced Low Dose Radiation Sensitivity (ELDRS) testing. In addition, we provide expertise in Single Events Effects (SEE) testing and Displacement Damage Dose (DDD) testing. Our services include device preparation, data collection, and the complete and comprehensive reporting of results. For reference, a sample radiation lot acceptance test (RLAT) report can be viewed here.

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